Instagram is an app that many business owners are using to showcase their products, let their tribe into the raw and real (or behind the scenes) aspects of their lives and business and create connections.

Learning how to use Instagram effectively 

is key to growing your business.

Hashtag Mini-Course

Course Modules

MODULE 1:  What a Hashtag is and Why Use Them?

MODULE 2: Finding Hashtags

MODULE 3: How to Use Hashtags in Posts

MODULE 4:  Using Hashtags in Stories

MODULE 5:  Popular vs Unpopular Hashtags

MODULE 6:  Tips and Tricks

MODULE 7: Hashtag Analytics

MODULE 8: Tools to Help You

MODULE 9: How to Find Relevant Hashtags

MODULE 10: Finding Instagram Success

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This Mini-Course is set up in a series of 10 short Modules.

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Jen Wende
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